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Message from Mother October 18th 2013 Friday on Bluecross Mountain Medjugorje at 4-15pm from Mother Gospa

After praying Divine Mercy and Holy Victorious Rosary . I felt Mother coming to me, she told me to step forward on to a flat part of the mountain and to open my heart, and then she came to me, about five foot in front of me, she was glowing in a golden light.

The Message

Greetings my child, Thank you for coming once more to visit me here in Medjugorje. My child today is a very special day , a day of joy and peace, also today you have brought your prayer group with you Honour me with Holy Victorious Rosary, Much conversion and healing will take place today and through the entire world because of my powerful prayers. Your strength has improved much now, a wolf has been placed among my flock today, Do not be troubled as I your Heavenly Mother always is at your side to protect you, My sweet child you lead with so much joy and devotion and strenght, He the deceiver cringrs at your power. This power has been given you and he the evil one the universal enemy can not touch you. Today I cry with joy at your simplicity and your love for me, Always you put me first. Today I bestow on you many graces so as to help you on your mission . with peace and joy and love. I welcome you here today on apparition mountain. all who have come to me today will receive many graces and blessings so as they become enlightened nearer to my beloved son Jesus. Today also I ask you to pray more every day, pray for peace pray for reconciliation, pray for conversion, pray for the church, pray for pope Francis, pray for all consecrated Priests every were in your world, pray for souls in Purgatory, pray for all young children so they may be saved from satan, for his influence grows stronger at this time. My child spread my message everywhere in the world. the time has come for you to speak up now and give witness to my Apparitions here in Medjugorie and at Knock shrine and Mount Mellary. The church must listen to you and take you under their care. they must help you with your mission to spread conversion and peace everywhere, you will arrange more prayer gatherings and bring more people back to the church, back to God the Father, my child the gifts you have been given must be used now, for when the hour of cleansing comes all my beloved children will be ready. the changes have begun at Knock and you should be back soon. trust in me your loving and caring Mother. my child you are stronger now more than ever to carry on your mission. help will be given you. you must not child the troubles you endured in the past months are the attacks by the evil one has made you stronger now. for I your loving and caring Mother will protect you always. my child you notice how people come to you for blessings as they can see your light , my light, the light of the Holy Spirit God. these are the graces that were given you, Please give witness to God the Father the Almighty with your gifts your graces, rest now my child, Thank you for coming today, never cease Praying, Mother of Peace Gospa. Joe Coleman…

orious Rosary Prayer Group,

Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group. 24-12-2013, Christmas Wishes from our prayer group, to you and yours wishing you all the joys of this Holy season, Peace be with you,


 Hi to all people out there just want to wish each and everyone who has been following Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group, a very happy and peaceful and Holy Christmas, To you and your family’s all across the length and breath of Ireland, Our prayer group and myself had a truly lovely Holy and healing experience out in Medjugorje in October of this year, We took over one hundred photos and Our Blessed Mother came out in lots of them very very clear. anyway I will be posting some of them on this site in the new year so you can see the power of Our Blessed Mother for yourself., Take care and Mothers Blessings,  joe coleman….

Holy Victorious Rosary is been prayed in St Matthews Church Ballyfermot after 12noon Mass, to Honor Our Blessed Mothres birthday on this Sunday the 8th of September , All are welcome to come along and join us in praying for peace and conversion in our world especially for peace in Syria, So come along and join together in prayer, we look forward in seeing you there, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group peace be yours joe coleman..


Our Blessed Mothers Birthday Sunday the 8th of September 2013.

Our Blessed Mothers Birthday is celebrated on the 8th of September ,So it is a very special day for everyone to come together and honor our beloved Mother with prayer and thanksgiving, Our Blessed Mother loves all of us unconditionally and she watches over us every day of our lives , she minds our children our brothers and sisters our mothers and fathers our friends and our enemy’s  our neighbors , She is the most loving of Mothers anyone can wish for and Mother s love is so pure always for her children all over the world ,So on Sunday the 8th of September why not  take a few moments to say thank you Holy Mother for all you have done for me and my family and my friends, Try to go to Holy mass and receive the body and blood soul and divinity of her son our savior our lord Jesus Christ, this will make our Blessed Mother very happy indeed ,If you cant go to Holy mass try saying a rosary or even a prayer in thanksgiving for all that our Blessed Mother has done for us and our family’s, A very powerful prayer is the hail Mary and it is a  very simple  prayer for our Blessed Mothers Birthday, Pray for peace and conversion in our world and in our church, pray for all our young people that they may be guided towards God, pray for those who have no one to pray for them, pray for all people who are in prison, for those who are lonely, In general pray for peace on our earth ,Peace be yours and Mothers Blessings to all Amen , joe coleman, Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group,,





On Saturday the 3rd rd August 2013 we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary at St Patrick’s well the shaving well on the border of Leitrim Sligo ,this was our 31st county to pray in we had a lovely prayer meeting an it was lovely and quiet and special,We prayed for all the people in Leitrim and county,and healing and conversion was sent out to everyone,

We moved on to Tobernalt  Holy Well on the shores of Lough Gill 3 miles out of Sligo town, ,We prayed Holy Victorious Rosary at the statue of our Blessed Lady, this is a truely a lovely Holy Place, lots of Graces were given to our prayer Group, Our Blessed Mother acknowledged us for the prayers , and for the mission we just completed for her, we prayed for all people in Sligo and county,this is our 32nd county to pray in and this completes our mission that we started in 2010 to pray in every county in Ireland, It has taken us three years to complete  this mission, I just want to say a big thanks to our prayer group for sticking together and supporting each other, We are the only prayer Group to have achieved this and our Blessed Mother has been looking after us and guiding us everyday ,Also I want to say a big thanks to all the people who supported us and traveled around the country with us , To those who invited us in to their homes to pray, and shred  their prayers with us, Thank you once more for all your help and support, Mothers Blessings to all, and peace be yours, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group Joe Coleman…




Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group.

On Saturday the 3rd of August 2013 Holy Victorious Rosary is been prayed at St Patrick’s well at Corbeg ,half a mile from the Duff river on the Sligo Leitrim border, prayers start at 12 noon, this will be our 31st county to pray in, After that we are heading on to Tobernalt Holy well ,about 12 miles away , 3 miles from Sligo Town, on the shores of lough Gill,the  prayers  start there about 2 o clock, this will be our final county to pray Holy Victorious Rosary in,  It has taken us three years to complete our mission for our Blessed Mother,Everyone is welcome to come along and join us in praying for peace and conversion in leitrim and Sligo,this will be our 32nd county, the whole of Ireland will have been prayed in, North , South , East and West, We look forward to seeing you there and praying with you, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group we wish you peace and Mothers Blessings. Joe Coleman….

Holy Victorious Rosary Mother of Mercy Church Iniskeen County Monaghan,Saturday 20th July 2013, Having arrived at Iniskeen the round tower there seemed to be a local event going on there,so we went to the Church of Mother of Mercy not far away, I knocked on the door of the priests house and another building beside the Church to get permission to pray the Rosary, there was no one in both houses, We decided to pray Holy Victorious Rosary in the Church, We were joined by Jim Mc Nalty and his two children Aisling and Donal for the Rosary, there were seven of us in total, We had a lovely day of prayer, many graces were given by our Blessed Mother, On behalf of our prayer group thank you for a lovely day as we prayed for peace and conversion and for all young people in Monaghan and county, Peace be with you and Mothers Blessings   Joe Coleman,,
Hol;y Victorious Rosary.
On Saturday the 20th of July 2013 we are praying the Rosary at  the round tower Inisheen County Monaghan, everyone is welcome to come along and join us in praying for peace and healing and conversion in county Monaghan the prayers start at one pm,,This is our thirty-ed  county to pray Holy Victorious Rosary in, that leaves just two more, to complete our mission for Our Blessed Mother Sligo and Leitrim, then all of Ireland north south east and west will have been prayed in, On behalf of our Prayer Group thank you, we look forward to seeing you there, peace be yours,, Joe Coleman…
Saturday 15th June at Bru  Brou The Rock of Cashel county Tipperary 2013. We had a great day of prayer and healing at Bru Brou on Saturday,Thakn s to Rownan and his staff we were made very welcome . We were given refreshments on arrival, We had some people come to us for to join us in praying for peace and reconciliation and healing in county Tipperary,this our 28th county to pray in,Overall we had a wonderful time in Cashel, on behalf of our prayer group, Holy Victorious Prayer Group thank you once again and Mothers love and Gods peace be with you and your family’s amen,, Joe Coleman.
County Offaly Saint Colmcille Churchyard Durrow near Tullamore, Saturday 15th June2013,
our prayer group prayed Holy Victorious Rosary in the graveyard, we prayed for all the souls who are interned in this lovely graveyard,and for peace and reconciliation and healing for all the people in county Offaly, we had a lovely day, thank you to our prayer group for a lovely day, this is our 29th county to pray in . we have three countys left to pray in and then all Ireland will have been prayed in, thank you Joe Coleman…
Holy Victorious Rosary prayer group, On Saturday the 15th of June 2013 we are having a prayer meeting at Bru Boru located at the foot of the historic Rock of Cashel county Tipperary, Our prayers start at 0ne 1 Oclock sharp, everyone is more than welcome to come along and join us in praying Holy Victorious Rosary for peace and reconciliation and healing in our Country, this is as requested by our Blessed Lady,A very big thank you to Rownan and Una for inviting us to share the holy Rosary with the people of Tipperary and surrounding countys,This is our 29th    county to pray in and we have 3 countys left to pray in and then the whole of Ireland every county will have been prayed in, as our Blessed Mother has requested we pray every county North  South East and West,Looking forward to seeing you and praying with you on Saturday, God Bless you and Mothers love be with you, on behalf of our prayer group thank you Joe Coleman,,,,
Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group, Saturday 11th May 2013, Gory county Wexford,
We had a great day of prayer and healing in Gorey county Wexford on Saturday 11th May 2013, A lovely day was had by all who came along to pray with us, As everyone received healing on the Day, We were made very welcome by Eileen Murphy and Mary treated all of us to a lovely meal, So  a big thanks to Eileen and Aiden Murphy for allowing us to pray on her premises,and looking after us,, this is our 27th county to pray Holy Victorious Rosary in, we have five county’s left to complete our mission for Our Blessed Lady, once again thank you to our prayer group for all they have done so far,and to the many people who support us, The Clancy Family thank you Tommy and Mary and Marie God Bless you always and Mothers love and healing for you all, You are very special people, our next prayer meeting will be in Tipperary in about five weeks time , I will keep you posted as soon as I get a date,On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group God Bless you and Mothers love be with you Amen,, Joe Coleman,,,,,,
Joe Coleman
Well folks our next port of call is the beautiful town of Gorey county Wexford , And its on Saturday 11th May 2013, Prayers start at 12noon sharp, this will be our 27th county to pray Holy Victorious in, Everyone is welcome to come along and join us in prayer for peace and conversion in Wexford, This leaves only five countys left to pray ,and our mission for Our Blessed Mother will be complete, I will keep you posted , for the address for this prayer meeting please email me at coleman.joe102” or go to my website at , A big thank you to Aidian Murphy for allowing us to pray in his premises , Peace be yours joe coleman,,,

Roscommon and Longford Saturday 10th November 2012 Prayer Meeting.

On Saturday 10th November 2012 we prayed Holy Victorious rosary in two County’s Roscommon and Longford, This brings to to 23 County s so far we have prayed Holy Victorious in, and we have nine county’s left to pray in, We were made very welcome in both Roscommon and Longford and we met lovely people , lots of healing and graces were received by all who attended , It was lovely to see so many young children praying with us in Longford and fair play to their parents , it just goes to show that the parents are very much involved in bringing up their children the way that God has asked, May God bless and protect all these lovely people and their family’s, Our Blessed Mother made herself known at  both prayer meetings and messages were given , I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and prayed with us ,,and of course to to our very special prayer group who give up so much of their time to travel around  Ireland  and give wittiness to God and his Blessed Mother for conversion and peace in Ireland and the world,As I have said before if you would like to join us in praying you are more than welcome, just contact me at  coleman.joe102′  or for latest news go to   thank you and Mothers Blessings to all  ,Joe Coleman.

Saturday the 13th of October 2012, Message received from Our Blessed Mother,

After praying Holy Victorious Rosary and divine Mercy and Rosary of the unborn, our Blessed Mother told me that 13 Priests were blessed with graces at Knock on this day, She said white crosses would be visible in the sky’s over Ireland, and the miracle of the sun would be witnessed by many who attended at Knock,  some lady would be revealed from the pain in her wrists, she said something would happen with the host on the alter during Holy mass, the face of Jesus and Mother would be seen in the sky over Knock, Mother then asked me to never stop praying for our Priests and Bishops especially here in Ireland, pray always for our Holy Father Pope Benedict, pray the Holy Rosary every day as this powerful prayer keeps the evil one at bay, Mother said that praying the rosary everyday brings conversion to many of Gods children, and also saves souls from the fires of hell, she said she was pleased that her children had prayed the Rosary, she said she was happy to see so many young people praying,and in total union with God the Father, many graces were bestowed on these loved ones, the people would have noticed the quietness and the peace and the stillness as the miracle of the sun was shown, I am Mother of all love Mother of peace and joy, come to me with an open heart and I will comfort you, peace be on this island of Ireland, I love all my children unconditionally, Praise be Jesus for ever, thank you for responding , peace be with you. I give you my Mothers Blessings.    

Saturday 29th September 2012 County Down North of Ireland.

Today we brought Holy Victorious Rosary to the hill of Down Cathedral Downpatrick Northern Ireland, having been refused permission to pray the Rosary in a Catholic Church in Newer y by a priest because the parish priest was not available, cods wallop and these people want peace like us in our world especially in the North, Anyway this is the way the Church has gone, that is why Our Blessed Mother requested me to pray the Holy Victorious Rosary in every County in Ireland north and south east and west, sure maybe one day they will listen and I pray it is not to late before they wake up and open their hearts and repent for their wrong doings ,We traveled about 30 miles to St Patrick’s resting place , Up on a hill in the grounds of the graveyard we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary, then we prayed Divine Mercy and we prayed for peace for the North of Ireland and all her people who dwell here, it was a lovely feeling of peace and the sun shun down on us as we prayed, This hill of prayer has been a place of Christian prayer and worship since the time of St Patrick in the fift Century, there is a plaque that says St Briget and St Columbkille are also thought to be buried here, A big thank you to our very special prayer Group who traveled with me to pray for our Blessed Mothers intentions  without them I would be lost, So far we have prayed Holy Victorious Rosary in 20 Counties around Ireland and we have 12 Counties left to pray in, I made a promise to Mother that I would succeed with her mission for conversion in Ireland ,and then the World please God, If you would like to join us on our journey around Ireland praying for peace and conversion you are more than welcome,  or email me at,  Please pray for all of our priests everyday as they need our prayers now. Mothers Blessings peace be yours, on behalf of the prayer group thank you . Joe Coleman…


Saturday 11th Armagh ,

 After praying in Cookstown we were invited to pray in Armagh with a lovely family Terry and Susan and Siobhan we were made to feel very much at home we had tea and refreshments ,we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary and lots of healing took place, we had a great afternoon and helped to bring conversion to the people of Northern Ireland, on behalf of the prayer group thank you so much for your kindness, may Gods love be with you and your familys , we send you Mothers blessings, peace be yours and thank you once more, Joe Coleman,,,


Saturday 11th Cookstown,

On Saturday 11th August we had the pleasure of praying Holy Victorious Rosary at Sacred Heart House of Prayer Cookstown Co Tyrone Northern Ireland, It was a wonderful experence to pray in this beautiful Chaple, we were made feel very welcome and we were served refreshments on arrival, A big thank you to Bridie and all the servents of Christ Jesus,who made us feel very welcome, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group touring Ireland for conversion for our Blessed Mother thank you very much and Gods Blessings be with you and your wonderful work, also Mothers love and Blessings for you , Joe Coleman in greatful thanks,,,

An Invitation To Love Jesus, And spread conversion for Our Blessed Mother.

Next prayer meeting will be held at sacred heart house of prayer 46 James Street Cookstown, Co Tyrone Northern Ireland, on Saturday 11th August 2012 at 1pm sharp, We are moving on to ARMAGH to say a second Rosary in the afternoon before heading back south, you are all very welcome to come along and join us in prayer for our Country and our church , our aim is to bring conversion to every coner of our land, As Our Blessed Mother has requested this to me in her message to me back in 2010, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Group a big thank you, for your support in the past, We look forward in seeing you and praying with you , Mothers Blessings to all , peace be yours, Joe Cloeman,,,,

Saturday 7th July 2012 St Bridgits Shrine County Louth.

We had a great day of prayer and healing on Saturday at Faughart St Bridgits well and Shrine, Ten people turned up to pray Holy Victorious Rosary, thanks to Tom and Mary to John and Eileen and to Pat Healy and to our prayer group, we had a lovely day, We had the spinning of the sun as our Blessed Lady always lets us know she is here with us when we pray her Holy Rosary,this is our 17th county to pray the Rosary in,our target is the 32 countys, as our Blessed Lady has asked for this to be carried out, on behalf of the prayer group thank you and peace be with you ,Mothers Blessings,,,Joe Coleman.


Hi to every one our next prayer meeting will be at  St Fer gals Church Ballywaltrin Boghall Road Bray County Wicklow on Saturday 21st 0f July 2012 at 12 noon sharp , Everyone is welcome to come and join us in praying for peace and conversion and healing in our world, Father Larry has very kindly invited us to come and pray with him on this very special day, We look forward to seeing you and praying with you on this very special day of prayer, On behalf of the prayer group peace be yours God Bless , joe coleman..

.St Fergals Church Bray  county Wicklow Saturday 21st July 20`12,,

Well everyone we had a most wonderful day of prayer and healing at St Fergals Church Bray on Saturday 21st July, 23 people turned up to pray with us, Thank you to Father Larry for inviting us to pray in this beautyfull  house of God, And a big thank you to the sacristy of the Church Mary who made us very welcome and looked after us, God bless you Mary thank you, also thank you to a very good friend of the prayer group who organised this prayer meeting for our Blessed Mother today she is a very humble Child of God Rita Kelly thanks Rita and God always bless and look after you ,to our beloved followers Pat Healy, Tom Mary Marie and of course our prayer group with out you lovely people we could not do this wonderful work for our Blessed Mother and everyone who turned up for prayer thank you, On behalf of the prayer group thank you and peace be with you and your familys, Mothers Blessings to All Amen……Joe Coleman..

Next Prayer Meeting will be held on Saturday 23rd June 2012 in County Cavan,

Hi to everyone who follow Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group, Our next prayer meeting is at Mullagh Hall Mullagh County Cavan, the Prayers starts at 2pm sharp and all are welcome along to join us in prayers for peace and healing and conversion in our country, We look very much forward to seeing you and praying with you, bring along some of your friends and neighbors and join us in praying Our Blessed Mothers Holy Victorious Rosary, Thank you for your support in the past, and peace be with you , God Bless,, Joe Coleman,,,,

Looking For a   P.C. To Do The Work For Mother And Spread Conversion. 3rd June 2012.

Hi to every one out there ,I was given this pc last year and I am very greatful for it ,as it has helped me greatly with the work for our Blessed Mother with the messages as I can share them with the public,I have over 50,000 messages so far , this is good as it means people are reading the news on the web site, this is great for conversion and for God and his Blessed Mother, but it is a very old pc and it is starting to slow down and sometimes it dose not work for days, it needs a lot of rest , I think it is ready for the grave yard, is there anyone out there who would donate a pc for this very important work, or maybe you might know someone who might help, I would be very rgeatful for your help, my email is  .I thank you for your support in the past, and I send you Mothers Blessings, peace be with you …Joe Coleman….

Saturday 26th May 2012 Portglenone Ballymena Country Antrim Northern Ireland.

Holy Victorious Rosary Group, traveling Ireland spreading conversion…

We had a great and powerful day of prayer and healing on Saturday 26th May at Bethlehem Abbey Ballymena  County Antrim Northern Ireland, On behalf of the prayer group I would like to say a big thank you to the very kind people who looked after us and joined us in holy Victorious Rosary and made us very welcome, Our Blessed Mother appeared to us for 90 seconds during the prayers and she bestowed many graces upon us, after the Rosary she made herself known in the sun in the sky, many people witnessed this miracle of the sun , this is our seventeenth county to pray the rosary in, thank you for all your support in the past, Mothers Blessings to all, and may God Bless and keep you safe, peace be with you,  Joe Coleman……

Monday 28th May we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary in a farm house in Maghera County Derry, we also had the miracle of the sun and we had many Blessings given to us from Our Blessed Mother, I would like to say a big thank you to some lovely people who looked after me for three wonderful days, as I stayed with them on their farm, So a big thank you to Mary Dan and Martin for your kindness and your hospitality may God Bless and protect you Mothers love always ,Joe Coleman….this is now our 18th county to pray and bring peace to, We have 14 countys to pray in , thanks once more for your great support ,,peace be yours…

NEXT Prayer Meeting Saturday May 26th at 2pm Antrim Northern Ireland..

Hi to everyone out there who follow our Lady s Holy Victorious Rosary,  Well we are going up north on Saturday 26th May to Bethlehem Abbey County Antrim, you are all very welcome to come along and pray with us, this will be the sixteenth county to pray in , and we have sixteen more to pray in, We are half way through with our Blessed Mothers plans to pray the holy rosary in every county in Ireland north and south east and west, Our Lady asked me to spread conversion everywhere on this earth, And we the Holy Victorious Rosary Group will do just that, You can contact me at  coleman,  thank you for your support in the past, If you need anybody prayed for please let me know and I will include their names in my healing book, the prayers start at 2pm sharp, On behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary Group we send you peace and Mothers Blessings  Joe…

Hi to everyone who posted on my site with messages . I just want to say thank you for your response,  If you  would please email me at coleman.joe102@gmail .com  and I can get in touch with you  I am getting  hundreds of comments every day and it is impossible to answer them all I have 38 thousnad at the moment and I am only working this web site one my own , so please help me by emailing me at my email . If THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HELP ME I WOULD BE VERY GREAT FULL THANK YOU YOURS IN JESUS … JOE…..




Next Prayer Meeting on Saturday 28th April Carlow Town,,

We are off to Carlow Town this Saturday 28th April, to pray Holy Victorious Rosary, If you would like to join us in prayer you are more than welcome, just email me at ,,  and I will sort you out , everyone is very welcome ,Peace be yours look forward to praying with you , Mothers Blessings Joe,,,

  Saturday 21st  April  Prayer meeting at Kemare Hights County Wicklow 2012.

What a great day of prayer was had by everyone who attended our prayer meeting in community center in Kemare Hights Graystones County Wicklow on Saturday 21st April,  A big thank you to our Host a lovely lady Rita Kelly who invited us to pray with her and friends, We had 22 people at the meeting and we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary , We had a lot of Healing take place from our Blessed Mother and her presence was very much with us all day, We were treated to tea and cake and made feel very welcome,  Well on behalf of Holy Victorious Rosary prayer Group I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who came along to pray with us, May God and his Holy Mother keep you all safe, May Our Beloved Jesus walk with us on our journey and guide us always, And may conversion take place in every county in Ireland through the power of Holy Victorious Rosary and may all our young people turn back to God, thank you once more for a great day , Peace be with you Amen..Joe Coleman………

Next Prayer Meeting will take place on Saturday 21st April in Graystones County Wicklow at 12noon sharp, all are welcome to come along and pray holy Victorious Rosary with us , we will be praying in a local community hall, we are very grateful to have been invited to Wicklow,  If  you email me at coleman.joe102′ , I will give you the location, thanks once more for all your support, we look forward to seeing you there and praying with you,  God Bless you, Joe Coleman…Mothers Love to all..

Very Annoyed with the people who run one of the most holiest Shrines in the world, Who do they think they are for Gods sake wake up people this is 2012,

Hi everyone you know I have been barred from Knock for the last two years for praying the holy rosary , by the management Mr Pat Lavelle and the Bishop Dr Micheal Neary, well I have News for you , The holy see has heard of this and they are not very pleased with it, The catholic Church is in a enough trouble as it is at the moment the way they  treat people like me and my prayer group who only promote holy Victorious rosary around Ireland for conversion, this is what our Blessed Mother asked me to do , and by God I will do exactly what Mother asks of me to spread conversion everywhere in our country, and then to the world, they should hold their heads in shame, as the Eucharistic celebrations are taking place in Ireland this year , the holy Father may visit Ireland and what will he think of the way the church treats people he will be very annoyed, I will not stand back and allow this to happen, the church needs lay people to take over the running of their churches where it is needed so as not to lose their faith in God, and keep our churches open for all, everyone is a child of God and God loves all of us and he wants us very much in these times of ch rises, so I ask you my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for all priests and bishops every where to listen to to Gods word, I will not go away never ,I may be a torn in their side but I will make them listen no matter how long it takes me to do it,  Mother has requested of me to do this work, I will take my last breath for my Mother for hes Son Jesus and the holy spirit and for God the Eternal Father, thank you for listening to me , peace be yours ,Mothers Blessings Joe….

Prayer meeting in Ballyfermot Dublin 10,

Saturday 24 March 2012, Hi to everyone out there we had a wonderful day of prayer today at St Matthews Church Ballyfermot Dublin 10;  Holy Victorious Rosary was prayed for the first time in two years in a house of God,  We were made very welcome by Father Joe, Father Joe joined us in prayer it was lovely to have a priest pray with us,  thank you Father Joe,  we had about 15 people turn up from different  parts of the country,  so a big thank you to you for that,  It was great to see you all and thank you for praying with us, Maybe now more Churches will invite us to pray in their communitys or towns, we will be very pleased to oblige, our next prayer meeting will be held in Grey stones county Wicklow next month, I will let you know the date for this meeting very soon, thanks once more to all who prayed with us today in Ballyfermot, peace be yours God Bless Joe….

Hi Joe thanks so much for inviting us to Rosary yesterday i know everyone got a special blessing there as I feel i need to tell you Emiko the Japanese girl who just came along with me to say Rosary for healing for herself and her family and friends and with no previous knowledge of Our Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus Our Saviour .Holy Spirit of God touched her heart she had some tears of joy afterwards she said to me she first time she said in her life she felt peace in her heart .Thats a miracle Joe and she especially said as I felt myself when you knelt before Our Lady at end of Rosary she felt Spirit in Emiko’s words go through her heart and heal her and bring her peace .Thats just amazing Joe isnt it i tell ya that in itself is testimony your prayer group is very special when someone with no Catholic background and no idea of God can come in and be there just to be present when 14 people say Rosary and she was blessed by Our Mother Mary and God shone through to her heart .I’ll keep ya posted on what she says i gave her some small book on St Philomena and Rosary and she has found maybe a new life with Jesus .How great is that Joe for us to be part of conversion God bless you Joe your work is very special before God with Love of God we all heal the world thanks and eternal thanks Joe for invite again I look forward to next prayer meeting saying Holy Victorious Rosary with ye God bless ye Joe you’re a great disciple of God and Holy Trinity .Praise to Jesus today and always Amen .
  • Pat Healy likes this.
    • Joe Coleman Thank you Pat for your kind words I am glad that Emiko was given the graces she needed,for herself and her family,thank you Pat for bringing her to prayer meeting at St Matthews in Ballyfermot , our Blessed Mother wes very happy to see the group and Father Ryan in prayer together,you are a very special person Pat, God Bless you ,peace be yours Joe…..

It is very important to say this very powerful prayer every day for protevtion

Blood of Jesus – LyricsBlood of Jesus (2)
Gushing forth from Your Holy Wounds
Purify me, sanctify my life
Sprinkle it all over me
Shower on my life
The Holy Blood of Jesus
Bathe me Lord in Your Blood
Bless me with Your Holy Wounds
The Blood is a weapon to chase away satan
The Blood is a shield for my protection
The Blood is a herb, that heals my family tree
The seal of His New Covenant that Redeems me

Wednesday 21st March 2012,

Help me Please , I am begging you Please Please Please Help me,

Urgent Message ,

I am appealing for Help, please is there anyone who can help me, In Gods Holy Name please help me or I will lose my web site and my only way of communication,

I am living on Invalidity pension for the last 33 years, now social welfare tells me I must take down my website, or they will cut my Invalidity pension from me, leaving me with nothing to live on, I cant afford to go to a solicitor as I dont have the money to do that,

Please is there anyone out there who can help me out of this terrible situation I find myself in at present,  this website was given to me as a present by one of my prayer group, to help me to get the messages out to the people,  i dont make any money from this, as it is all for conversion for God and his Blessed Mother, This I tell you is the work of the deceiver trying to stop me from bringing people back to God As many of you know the work I do is prayer and healing for God, I will never stop my work for Our Blessed Mother never never never,  As long as I can breath I will tell people of the messages I receive from Mother, they tried to stop me at Knock when they barred me from praying the holy Rosary, but that didnt work as I am still going around Ireland praying the Rosary and spreading conversion around our Country , I am two years barred from one of the most holy Shrines in the World can you believe that,  well it is public knowledge,  Also I am barred from the holy Shrine at Mount Mellary in county Waterford for what , for praying the holy Rosary come on people wake up and give me some credit please, show your support for our Blessed Mother, there must be someone who knows of some leagel people who could help me,  At this stage I am under terrible attack ,I am sure some of you know what I mean, I have never had to ask for help in my life, Where are the 50,000 people who turned up at Knock on the 31st October 2009 to  witness the miracle of the sun and to pray the Rosary , Where are they now you just cant fade away,  you people came because you believe  in our Blessed Mother , well our Blessed Mother is still here today,  If you people believe in miracles lets see one now,  I am asking all of you to pray to God for me to continue the work of conversion for our Blessed Mother ,and dont let the social welfare take away the only form of communication that I have  to spread Mothers Prayers and Peace and Conversion, dont allow this to happen I beg of you,  I have no shame asking for help for the work I promised I would do for Blessed Mother, thank you one and all for listing to my plea for Mother,  God Bless and protect you and peace be yours, Joe…..

The Best News So Far This Year Thank God And His Blessed Mother,

Permission Has Been Given To Pray Holy Victorious Rosary in Gods House

Praise The Lord, Praise Be Jesus For Ever,Praise Be His Most Holy Name,

Our next prayer meeting will be held in Dublin on Saturday 24th March 2012 , I have gotten permission to pray Holy Victorious Rosary in a Church here in Dublin,  In attendance will be two priests,  it will be the first time I have been allowed to pray the Rosary in a church since been barred from Knock on March 10th 2010 by the people who run Knock Shrine,  Two very holy priests have asked me to pray in their Church,  It will the first time ever to pray with priests,  Gods disciples what an honor this will be, Our Blessed Mother will be so pleased with this news,  As this is conversion in the making,  thank you God for this breakthrough,  I will not be revealing the name of the Church publicly,  If you would like to attend this prayer meeting you are more than welcome to come along and join in , You can email me at and I will speak with you ,Thank you once more for all your support in the past and I look forward to the future, peace be yours, Mothers Blessings , Joe……

Our Jourmey With Mothrers Holy Victorious Rosary,

16 March Friday 2012, Joe Coleman ,Visionary for Our Blessed Mother,

Come on and join us in praying holy Victories Rosary around Ireland,

Hi out there we are the moment waiting to be invited to your county or village or town to pray holy Victorious Rosary, Our Blessed M,other has requested me to pray holy Victorious Rosary in every county in Ireland and we intend to do just that with your help of course, the county’s we have prayed in so far are,Mount Mellerary Waterford, Knock Mayo,  Thomastown Killkenny,  Rochfords bridge West Meath,  Williamstown county Meath, Ougherard county Galway,  Antrim northern Ireland, Mount Mellick county Laois,  Ballymoe county Galway, Letterkenny county Donegal, Swords county Dublin, We still have a long way to go but we will get there please God,So if you would like us to come and pray in your town or county we would be very happy to oblige, just email me at  coleman.joe102′ and we will make arrangements, I wish you well on your journey, peace be with you and your familys, Mothers Blessings Joe……..

As from today Monday 12th of March 2012, I want it to be known that,


Are their Angels in our skys,

Well go to Gallery 2 and have a look for your self,

Then make up your own mind,

Go now to Gallery 2.

I hope you enjoy looking at them ,

Peace be yours,


The Earht is about to flip, This is Most Urgent.

Message form Mother 29th January 2012

My dear child peace be yours, it is of great urgency I come to you today, the earth is about to flip, major events will be witnessed on your planet earth, the likes of which have never been seen before, the whole earth will be shaken with a tremendous force it will be felt by everyone everywhere, yes the warning has started it is now time for the great cleansing of souls everywhere, my child it will frighten the lives out of every soul, it is ment to make people repent of their wrongdoings , I implore all of you to turn back to my son Jesus for mercy, the church must open all her doors and invite all people to recite my most powerful Holy Victorious Rosary This is Most Urgent, if the church do not listen and obey my messages, they all of them who know the truth will be severely punished by the Wrath of my Fathers hand and will be trow en into total damnation for ever, so my child you must spread my message all over the world, for prayer is the only defense against  the devil the deceiver, my children must stand up and demand that the church be opened to all for prayer,  the only way for my church to succeed is for my children to claim my church back for the people , please pray much for all of my children everywhere , Your country is at an advanced stage of legalizing abortion you must pray that this must never happen, you must pray for the holy Father Pope Benedict for he is been tormented by Satan , much prayer is needed now, the signs are already visible in the heavens , dont be blind open your eyes and your hearts , the war in the east has erupted and it will spread all over the world, Pray pray pray God the Father is most angry at events in your world especially in the church world wide, people must listen for if they dont the thief will come in the night and take away their soul and the soul of your children,I am with you always , I will protect you , I will come again. I am your Blessed  Mother of peace, thank you Mary Mother of Jesus The Christ…….,

My Cancer Has Gone. 27th January 2012.

Hi to everyone out there , I was back in St James on Thursday for the results with my cancer, I got the news I was expecting thank God and his holy Mother ,I am now free of the cancer that threatened my life and my work with our Blessed Mother ,It has left my body and I am now free to do my work with Blessed Mother, I want to say a huge thanks to all who prayed for me and sent me healing . the power of prayer is so important in our lives today, over the years I have seen miracles  happen right in front of my eyes with people who had asked me to pray over them, so please make prayer part of your day every day, pray for your family’s and your enemy’s and see the changes taking place right in front of your eyes, then and only then will you understand the power of praying to God and Blessed Mother and Jesus and all of our Saints in heaven for healing in our lives and those who we pray for , It is not every day you get a second chance in life and a miracle happens, always be grateful to God, for everyday is a new beginning and Jesus will walk with you and hold your hand if you will only ask him, You know that our Blessed Mother has asked me many times to ask all her children to stay in constant prayer and to pray every day for our Holy Father and for our church as we need them as much as they need us, it is no use in mocking the church we need to pray for them and to forgive them those who abused our children as I believe they are influenced by the evil one the devil, not all of them but quiet a lot of them even in the holy see, as Mother has told me this in lots of her messages ,   I know that for some people this may seem silly but believe me it is the TRUTH, Thank you once again for all the prayers and healing , I will pray for all of your intentions peace be yours and may God guide and protect you amen, Joe….

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Message to all who read and send me wonderful messages,

Hi to everyone out there just wanted to explain to you that I am only relatively new at trying to get my head around this web site ,I am entirely writing it on my own.and I am a bit slow as I am only learning,so I ask you to give me some extra time to do this very important work for our Blessed Mother, I have got 1045 comments so far and I have answered 1045 some of them are very rude and I just bin them. but that is expected I suppose on all web sites , it is very time consuming for me at the moment , dont get me wrong I am not complaining at least  1045 people have looked and read my site and that is good, I try to answer every one on a personal I feel it is right to do that,IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO MAY BE ABLE TO HELP ME OUT i WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL .I would like to know how to answer these messages more quickly for the benefit of those good people who take the time to write to me I thank you for your time in reading this message and of course writing to me ,I would like to take this opportunity  to send all of you out there Mothers Blessings and Gods love thank you so much Joe Coleman…..

News Release  Friday 13th January 2012

Since new years eve there have been lots of sightings in the skys around Dublin and some in the country even got one report of one in Australia , these sightings are of Angels in our skys, if you encounter them please dont be worried , because our Blessed Mother told me in my latest message that God has sent his Holy Angels to earth to go into every home and dwelling place to bring healing light to every one , as the cleansing has begun on our planet. welcome these Angels with open hearts, and accept their healing with thanks, this has never happened before in our time.conversion is taking place everywhere, dont mind those who insult or make a mockery of these sightings as they are not allowed to see or they dont want to know the truth, always embrace Gods words and his love and you cant go wrong,I even have photos of these Angels over the skys of north Dublin , I will post them up on this site soon and you can see for your self the miracle of conversion taking place as we speek, please let me know if you encounter anything of these Angels and I will post them up for all to see, thank you for your time I send you peace and healing and of course Mothers Blessings Joe Coleman……


Holy Victorious Rosary around Ireland for Our Blessed Mother.

Holy Victorious Rosary so far we have prayed the Rosary at Mount Mellerary county Waterford,  Knock  County Mayo,  Thomastown county Killkenny,  Rochfords Bridge West Meath,  Williamstown county Meath, Oughterard county Galway,  Antrim North of Ireland, Mount Mellick county Laois,every meeting has been a huge success, It was an honour to be invited and be allowed to pray Mothers Holy Victorious Rosary in different countys all around our country,Mother is very pleased with what is happening she is happy that people are starting to come together in prayer with God ,This Mother says is conversion and she is very pleased with our work, There are many more prayer meetings in the future, as Mother has asked me to go to every county north south east and west, If anyone out there would like us to come and pray in their village or town or home or community centre or Church please get in touch with me on this webb site joesjourney .net as it will be a pleasure to oblige, every where we have been so far with Mothers Holy Victorious Rosary the miricle of the sun has been shown to us and people have received healing and graces from our Blessed Mother, we look forward to comming to your town and sharing Mothers love with you ,God Bless you and peace be yours,  Joe on behalf of the prayer group,  A BIG Thank You,

Latest Prayer Meeting was in Rathdonnell Letterkenny Donegal on Saturday 3rd of March, A great day was had by all who prayed Holy Victorious Rosary with us, Also it was a very special day as it was the second anniversary of my good friend Keith who went home to God two years ago on the 3rd March 2010, I would like to say a big thank you to two very nice people who invited us to pray in Letterkenny ,And made us very welcome,Thank you, on behalf of the prayer group,  God Bless you both, peace be yours, Joe………. Amen..


Major Apparition At Knock Shrine 

Monday August 22nd 2011 at 1pm

 October is of great significance in the time leading up to the second coming of Jesus. 

Irish Visionary Joe Coleman, in a message from Our Lady has quoted, She will show supernatural signs in the skys over Knock and graces will be given to all of her children who attend. Those who come to her with an open heart will receive special healing from Our Blessed Mother. She asks that her children who come with an open heart will not be rejected from her most Holy Shrine. Our Lady has asked Joe to ask his followers to intercede to Saint John Paul to help Joe with the work he is doing for Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother has asked Joe to thank all who came today and to continue to pray for peace ,in our world, please pray for the people who control this very special Shrine as they all need prayer, May God forgive them, the Month of October is of great significance in the time leading up to the second coming of Jesus the Savior of the world,  For Mother has told me that those who do-not listen or obey the Fathers commandments will perish in hell and the thing about it is they the ones who run Knock know this but have decided to turn and follow the evil one, The Fathers word is of peace and love and compassion towards our neighbor, Jesus said love one and other as I have loved you, The bishop and the priests at Knock have all the money in their big houses, money they get from people who go to pray, they are ripping people off and always have been, take note you people of Knock the truth will come out very soon and then you will suffer and get what you deserve how dare you bar people from a Holy Shrine, you Hippocrates how can you sleep at night,I I brought 50000 people to pray at Knock on the 31st October 2009, and I am not going away, For Knock belongs to the people not the hippocrates that run it as a multy million euro business, the time has come for change for I do not fear any of them and I never will, I will be back in Knock very soon with the biggest crowd ever to attend an Apparition of Our Holy and Blessed Mother at Knock ,this time they will need an army to keep me away,  so Mr Pat Lavelle and bishop Neary get your security ready,the time is drawing near, For the Father speaks louder than words repent you fools.


The Holy Victorious Rosary

Please help me spread Our Holy Mothers Rosary through out Ireland ,And then it will spread to Europe and then to the whole world ,Mother has requested me to carry out this work for the salvation of all souls ,So far I have covered Kilkenny, Waterford ,Williams Town county Meath,Knock, I will be going to every county in Ireland,I need lots of help with this work so if anyone out there can arrange a place or a house or a hall somewhere to pray Our Mothers Holy Victorious Rosary I would be very greatfull Our Blessed Mother would be so pleased,We were given a lovely statue of Mother to bring around the prayer groups this statue was blessed and venerated in the presents of a large group of people at Knock on Monday 22nd of August 2011,It is very powerful as Our Blessed Mother has told me that anyone who kneels and prays and comes to her with an open heart will receive many Blessings, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the help with my work [ Mothers Work ] so anyone who wants to come along to pray with us you are very welcome,I will be posting up the meeting places as I get  them,Again a big thank you to everyone who has helped me so far and is still helping me at present,May Mothers love be with you all God bless,  joe coleman