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A Christmas Message st stephens day 2012, from Blessed Mother,
Just like this opportunity to wish all who have been following our  Blessed Mothers Messages a holy and peaceful Christmas and new year, for all who attended Holy Victorious Rosary around the country with our prayer group, For all people all over Ireland  north south east and west, and all those people all over the world who give me great support thank you, I will now share with you a Christmas message I have received this evening just after my prayers, Greetings my child, it is I your Blessed Mother, It has been a while a number of weeks since we talked, thank you for been so patent , you and the prayer group have done well, we in Heaven are so proud of you,thank you ,the new year will bring many problems so I ask that you be strong and trust in Gods will, I your Caring and loving Mother and all of Gods Holy Angels are watching over and guiding you,  You will see many big changes in the way the church is been changed to please the other ones, so I ask you to pray for the Holy see everyday from now on As this will be a stumbling block against the wishes of the evil one and his army of demons,this will lighten the load on the Holy city,please keep Pope Benedict at the top of your prayers as he is under a lot of attack,the power of the Rosary will help him greatly, Praise and honour Jesus every day, and I your Blessed Mother will bring you closer to his heart, tell my children when praying they must open their hearts and listen and then they will comprehend the true meaning of Gods love, For love my child is the key to heavens door, Please know that I your Blessed Mother listen to every prayer request that is asked of me and I then offer them to my Heavenly Father for your intentions I ask that more children attend Holy Mass,also to go more often to confession, this will help them greatly on their journey, My child on this great feast day of St Stephen learn to love and forgive your enemy, I will take leave for now, I bless you in the name of the father and of the son and of the hloy ghost peace be with you amen,

Roscommon and Longford Saturday 10th November 2012 Prayer Meeting.

On Saturday 10th November 2012 we prayed Holy Victorious rosary in two County’s Roscommon and Longford, This brings to to 23 County s so far we have prayed Holy Victorious in, and we have nine county’s left to pray in, We were made very welcome in both Roscommon and Longford and we met lovely people , lots of healing and graces were received by all who attended , It was lovely to see so many young children praying with us in Longford and fair play to their parents , it just goes to show that the parents are very much involved in bringing up their children the way that God has asked, May God bless and protect all these lovely people and their family’s, Our Blessed Mother made herself known at  both prayer meetings and messages were given , I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along and prayed with us ,,and of course to to our very special prayer group who give up so much of their time to travel around  Ireland  and give wittiness to God and his Blessed Mother for conversion and peace in Ireland and the world,As I have said before if you would like to join us in praying you are more than welcome, just contact me at  coleman.joe102′gmail.com  or for latest news go to joesjourney.net   thank you and Mothers Blessings to all  ,Joe Coleman.


On Saturday 27th October 2012 we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary at  Boa Island Caldragh graveyard County Fermanagh Northern Ireland on the banks of lower Lough Erne, This completes the six Countys of Northern Ireland, and this is our 21st County to pray the Holy Victorious Rosary in, We have eleven Countys left, If you would like to join us in praying around Ireland, you are more than welcome, as at every prayer meeting so far Our Blessed Mother has given me a message and everyone receives healing and graces ,On Saturday  I was given personal messages for two of the prayer group and I was allowed to see Our Blessed Mother in the clouds, She asked that we keep praying everyday for peace and conversion in our world especially here in Ireland, you can contact me at coleman.joe102′gmail.com  or joesjourney.net, peace be yours joe coleman…

Saturday the 13th of October 2012, Message received from Our Blessed Mother,

After praying Holy Victorious Rosary and divine Mercy and Rosary of the unborn, our Blessed Mother told me that 13 Priests were blessed with graces at Knock on this day, She said white crosses would be visible in the sky’s over Ireland, and the miracle of the sun would be witnessed by many who attended at Knock,  some lady would be revealed from the pain in her wrists, she said something would happen with the host on the alter during Holy mass, the face of Jesus and Mother would be seen in the sky over Knock, Mother then asked me to never stop praying for our Priests and Bishops especially here in Ireland, pray always for our Holy Father Pope Benedict, pray the Holy Rosary every day as this powerful prayer keeps the evil one at bay, Mother said that praying the rosary everyday brings conversion to many of Gods children, and also saves souls from the fires of hell, she said she was pleased that her children had prayed the Rosary, she said she was happy to see so many young people praying,and in total union with God the Father, many graces were bestowed on these loved ones, the people would have noticed the quietness and the peace and the stillness as the miracle of the sun was shown, I am Mother of all love Mother of peace and joy, come to me with an open heart and I will comfort you, peace be on this island of Ireland, I love all my children unconditionally, Praise be Jesus for ever, thank you for responding , peace be with you. I give you my Mothers Blessings.    
Irish Catholic Church  .Bans joe Coleman From Holy Mass at Knock,   
Joe Coleman is barred from praying at Knock, Banned from Holy Mass at Knock,
What is the matter with the management and the Bishop, ,
I have just been refused permission to attend Holy Mass at Knock on Saturday 13th October by the management Mr Pat Lavelle through email today 3rd October Wednesday 2012, Dont really know what is going on in our Church, but I have a sneaky feeling it is to do with the people who run our most Holy Marian Shrine, or the message I received from Our Blessed Mother or are they just hiding behind the Bishop, maybe the Bishop dose not understand the urgency of our Blessed Mothers messages,I pray that he will be given the grace to understand,  Anyway I will be praying Holy Victorious Rosary on Saturday the 13th at 3 pm.location to be kept private,, , ,
Our Blessed Mother has asked that people who attend the mass at Knock to receive the Sacrament of confession and take the body of Jesus in their mouths and not in their hands, conversion will take place on this glorious day of peace, Mother of Peace and Joy, Mother of Jesus,
 29th September 2012 County Down North of Ireland.

Today we brought Holy Victorious Rosary to the hill of Down Cathedral Downpatrick Northern Ireland, having been refused permission to pray the Rosary in a Catholic Church in Newer y by a priest because the parish priest was not available, cods wallop and these people want peace like us in our world especially in the North, Anyway this is the way the Church has gone, that is why Our Blessed Mother requested me to pray the Holy Victorious Rosary in every County in Ireland north and south east and west, sure maybe one day they will listen and I pray it is not to late before they wake up and open their hearts and repent for their wrong doings ,We traveled about 30 miles to St Patrick’s resting place , Up on a hill in the grounds of the graveyard we prayed Holy Victorious Rosary, then we prayed Divine Mercy and we prayed for peace for the North of Ireland and all her people who dwell here, it was a lovely feeling of peace and the sun shun down on us as we prayed, This hill of prayer has been a place of Christian prayer and worship since the time of St Patrick in the fift Century, there is a plaque that says St Briget and St Columbkille are also thought to be buried here, A big thank you to our very special prayer Group who traveled with me to pray for our Blessed Mothers intentions  without them I would be lost, So far we have prayed Holy Victorious Rosary in 20 Counties around Ireland and we have 12 Counties left to pray in, I made a promise to Mother that I would succeed with her mission for conversion in Ireland ,and then the World please God, If you would like to join us on our journey around Ireland praying for peace and conversion you are more than welcome, joesjourney.net  or email me at coleman.joe102@gmail.com,  Please pray for all of our priests everyday as they need our prayers now. Mothers Blessings peace be yours, on behalf of the prayer group thank you . Joe Coleman…

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Our Lady to appear seven times at Knock Shrine County Mayo Ireland between now and the end of December 2012,To  p repair us for the coming of our Savior Jesus.
Apparition of the Mother of God predicted for Saturday 13th October 2012 at 3pm at Knock Shrine County Moyo Ireland, Message received be Joe  Coleman Irish Visionary and seer for Our Blessed Lady, on Thursday 20 th September 2012 after praying the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy , and praying for lost souls and for peace in our Church and in our world.
The Message.
Our Blessed Mother will appear from the Heavens and she will allow herself to be wittiness ed , Holy Victorious Rosary must be prayed by all who attend, people must receive confession, and they must take the body of my Beloved Son in their mouth, not in their hand, after Holy Mass they must recite Holy Victorious Rosary, conversion will take place on this Glorious day of peace and my children will receive many graces, Have faith my child, My Angels will guide and protect you as I have shown you previously, Worry not my child as you have been made stronger now, It is the will of My Father,so be it .Thank you once more,  Mother told me she will appear seven times in so many weeks at Knock Shrine County Mayo Ireland,  Mother of Peace and Joy,  Mother of Jesus,

Here is a message I received fro Mother on Friday 3rd June 2011 in Medjugorje.

While kneeling in prayer I noticed the statue of Mother surrounded by a haze of bright lite, I was asking Mother to heal me of my cancer when all of a sudden everything vanished leaving only Mother standing on a cloud of magnificent pure bright lite, Mother turned to me  and I looked her in the eyes, all I could see and feel was unconditional love coming from her radiating  into my heart, at that moment I noticed about five golden yellow roses at her feet, everything else vanished, only Mother remained, my heart burst and the tears began to flow. Greetings my sweet child , yes it is I your Blessed Mother, I welcome you here today once more, dont worry no harm will befall you, I love you very much,  close your eyes my child and your healing will commence, dont be troubled by those who do not believe or those who attack you,as I have told you many times when they hurt you my child  they hurt me, they hurt Jesus my Beloved son, they hurt the eternal Father, you are protected so much by Gods holy Angels at all times, October is of great significance , then Mother showed me, myself kneeling in front of her statue the same one I was kneeling at, with snowflakes falling all around, the snowflakes turned into small Angels about 12 inches in height and pure white, this is how you are been protected my child, do not fear for your faith is your strength and my Rosary is your army against the powers of the evil one, yes my child he is lingering here today,he will not win his evil battle for souls as my Rosary will defeate all his evil ways  his followers  shall burn and suffer in total damnation in the fires of hell for eternity for ever, you are tired my child, today is for you and your health, embrace Gods healing power and accept it with love , rest my sweet childI will come once more this week,I am your Mother and my love for my children is unconditional for ever and ever Amen, pray  pray  pray for peace on earth, pray for Pope Benedict never cease praying, go now wit Gods love, peace be yours, I bless you the Father  the son the holy ghost,Mother of peace and love Mother of Jesus….

The Message Continued.

My child we in heaven pray for you in your work, torment psychical pain rejection attack abuse slander by many of my sons disciples at my most holy shrine at Knock also at my holy and sacred healing waters at Mount Melleray   at my shrine at Kerry town, the deceiver   is responsible for all of these events, he will not give up until he destroys and takes every soul for his own evil gain ,my child he can never win over God the Father the creator of all that is born of love for lt is written in my Fathers book, conversion and prayer is the only way back and it is happening all over the world, tell my children to pray more for peace and reconciliation many times each day, the greatest ed  chastisement is about to become a reality , those who choose to ignore the warning will not be saved, my child total damnation is waiting it is on the horizon , crosses will be visible in the sky’s and the great chastisement will begin on your planet earth, disasters of all kinds will begin as the cleansing of souls arrives, be prepared, for the time or the hour will not be known, like the thief in the night  it shall happen, prepare   yourselves and your family’s, for the great hour is like the thief is about to knock on your door, so I as your loving and peaceful Mother implore you to take heed and repent, pray for Pope Benedict and all the bidhops cardinals  and priests  all over the world, atheism is growing very rapidly , my sons consecrated  priests everywhere must show compassion and love and not reject my visionaries , they must lead by example , they must show mercy to all of my Fathers children everywhere on every corner of your planet,  the word of God is the truth and the way and the light , my Fathers commandments must be respected and lived every day of your lives on this earth, Mother was at this time crying tears of blood, she said she was sad for her children everywhere, I asked her why , then Mother showed me a vision of hell, I had been shown hell before but never like this,  Hell  it was like a vast ocean red like the water  was on fire, like thousands  of volconios erupting red roaring fire non stop eruptions  , thousands of people men and women children of all nations screaming constantly in horrible pain and torment crying out for help, but nobody was listening or responding to their pitiful cry’s for help.  this my child is what is waiting for those who decide to ignore Gods calling, my child you must be strong  now,  stronger than ever before, you must tell the world of this vision, enough for now you have done well this great day of our Lord,  Thank you for responding to my call once again..I am the immaculate conception , I am the Mother of Peace of sorrow ,Mother of light and love and compassion, Mother of heaven and earth, Ave Maria Peace be yours so be it Amen…….. Please copy and share this very important  message…

Here is a message I received from Mother and Jesus on Monday 23rd August 2010.

Greetings my child.

My beloved son wishes to communicate with you today.please go into silence and allow your spirit to be still, be at peace ,open your heart to the love of God, Joe my dear brother, I am with you , I have come to explain some things to you about your work, first you are my disciple, a man of God, a man with huge humbleness , a man of peace, a man of compassion, a man of knowledge, a brother in Christ, the gifts you have been given are as true as God the Father is in heaven,  Joe you must use these sacred gifts to heal my people,my priests and all of my church needs inner healing, healing of the soul, you can and have already done this work, yes Joe I do walk beside you every day, your faith is stronger than your psychical, you must bind them together as one, you are now ready to, like the fisher man you will fish for and catch many many souls, and through me, healing will take place, when you visit any holy place of worship , crowds want to touch you, Why,, because they see the light and love and compassion coming from you, Joe you are very blessed and powerful , I your savoir Jesus work through you , I have never denied you but I have forgiven you and I love you very much, they come to you looking for help, for healing of the spirit and the psychical, many who come to you are hungry, when the great famine arrives they will hunger for the bread of life, Joe I am the bread of life, Joe you are so much like me in many ways, try not to worry so much, trust in me more, you feel me with you, not outside but inside in your heart, Joe learn to give everything to me , your prayers are very powerful and meaningful, go now and pray Mothers Holy Rosary peace be with you, Jesus came to me during the Holy Rosary , I asked for a healing to be sent to a young man who is in a coma, I know this man will be cured in physical and spirit Jesus told me , Jesus looked young about early thirty’s, he wore a white gown, he has brown shoulder length hair, his eyes are sky blue, he filled me with unconditional love as he was speaking with me and healing me , he told me I lots have of work and healing to do for him, Jesus covered me with his precious blood and he allowed the Holy Spirit to come in to my heart and soul, Jesus said he will come to me more often from now on, I thanked him and he left just after the Holy Rosary, Mother came and she was very happy that Jesus had come to see me and heal me, she was smiling and she was crying with joy, we cried together for a few minutes then I said thank you Mother, rest now my sweet child peace be with you………Mother of peace and joy .. Queen of heaven and Earth , I am honored to receive such a lovely message from our Blessed Mother and our Blessed Savior, Joe Coleman…

,Message From Our Blessed Mother

  • Joe Coleman Visionary For Our Blessed Mother Monday 20 th February 2012, After saying holy rosary and divine mercy at home in my house.The Message.from Our Blessed Mother, Greetings my child I come today to ask for much prayer for what is happening in your world , Already many changes have taken place, look around you and you will notice many things are not the same as they were this time last year look what has happened in just one year of your time, I am happy lots of my children have converted back to my son Jesus and to my Father, this is good and every day you pray you bring conversion to my beloved children all over the world, when you pray I your loving Mother and many many of Gods Angels gather all around you and we receive your prayers and we take them to God the Father and he shows mercy and grants conversion, It is so simple to pray and ask for guidance for what ever the cause ,My Son My Beloved Jesus says , ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be open to you ,seek and you will find,  look and you will see, your country is been flooded with evil everywhere open your eyes , pray every day for sinners lost souls , pray that the sin of abortion be gone from the hearts of my children ,pray for Pope Benedict for the church as many changes are taking place as I speak, pray for your government for your leaders , pray for your enemy’s , It  has now become most urgent for my children everywhere to convert as time as you know it is drawing very close, it will not benefit anyone who says I did not know of this great coming, for the children of your world have been given notice through all of my Beloved Visionary’s all over the earth , If you were given the choice of winning a very large amount of money  that would sustain you for the rest of your life, or to save a child from eternal damnation and bring his soul to God , what would your choice be ,I am saddened so for all my children who choose to turn their backs on my Beloved son Jesus who suffered and died for all of you, so as you would be saved ,please,please, please, open your hearts to God and let him save you and your children before it is too late ,keep in constant prayer at all times during your day and night, prayer is the only way to save souls from the fires of hell  ,Allow me your Caring and loving Mother to embrace you  and all your family ,just call me by my holy name and I will be with you always, When the winds of time begin to change course and the hand of the Father God comes down on the world and you who do not believe in the Father God and his commandments well it will be too late, so I implore you now to go to the Father and seek his loving heart, When the cleansing is complete on earth and the evil one has been banished to hell for one thousand years peace will prevail once more,You will become one with God, one with the Fathe,r the Son, the holy Spirit, and you shall live in total harmony and be at peace for all time with God in paradise, for it is written in my Fathers book, Please stay in a state of grace and go to holy mass and receive the sacramental blessings of my Beloved son Jesus, go to confession and cleans your soul be ready for the time and the hour is at hand I tell you of this with great Urgency my children,you were created with the gift of listening and seeing use what God has given you, My child you are a warrior for God with your work I am so pleased with your work with my most  powerful and Holy Victorious Rosary been spread around Ireland , please continue with your work for conversion, everything will be fine, the way has been made for you to come back to my Beloved shrine at       Knock, it will be in the summer months , this visit will bring great joy to my church all over the world,I leave you with peace in your heart ,thank you for responding to my call , Mother of Peace and joy Ave Maria……………………………………….  

Children: Do NOT engage in the occult

JANUARY 1, 2012 AT 5:03 PM
To Anna Marie
Mother Mary: Please tell all who will listen, that THIS YEAR 2012 MAY BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR MOST.
Sin has continued and not enough followers are praying daily for the mitigation of our Heavenly Fathers’ wrath.
His Justice is Righteous and will be FELT IN EVERY COUNTRY AND IN EVERY LAND.
None will escape the many NATURAL DISASTERS, that will invade different lands and peoples.
There will be a CULMINATION of natural disasters and man-made ones too DURING THIS YEAR so it is best for all TO GATHER THEIR FOOD AND WATER AND ANY OTHER SUPPLIES they might need for a MUCH LONGER DURATION THAN A FEW WEEKS.
It will be greatly harder for the poor who already have little.
So great mercy will be expected of those who have abundance.
Much can be MITIGATED THROUGH CONTINUOUS PRAYERS but so many forget their commitments of prayer when life is easy and all is well.
It is when personal tragedies strike that they return to their prayers.
Let this not be so this year.
Mother Mary: Please, my children, if you only knew the STATE OF EVIL AND SIN your nation is in, you would plead to my Son for grace to return all those Christians and others, who have fallen into the hands of diabolical
Your nation [USA - and others too] is a NATION OF EVIL guided by the evil one and there is no out cry from good and holy people to stop it.
When will you all learn ?
What will each of you do when you must account to your Savior for the actions of your life.
If you do not turn back to my Son before your last breathe of life, you
will be sentenced to damnation for all eternity.
Do you not fear hell for eternity ?
My heart is gravely saddened by the parents who call themselves Christians and yet they permit their own children to fall into the waiting hands of DEMONS AND ALL SORTS OF DIABOLICAL SPIRITS, without hesitation.
Be warned parents, you will be judged before my Son for your dereliction of parental responsibility for not stopping your own children to ENGAGE IN THE OCCULT BY MEANS OF WITCHCRAFT OR ANY FORM OF SORCERY.
You know the truth, yet you REFUSE to live it.
You know evil, but you REFUSE to identify it.
Sorrow will certainly be yours when you answer for your children.

You Shall Pay for Your Sins

Wings of Prophecy

January 26th, 2012
I was reading the word in 2 Chronicles 17 about the various wars kings won and lost when the Lord began speaking to me.
See what I have done ?
« Yes, My Lord.
When they obeyed, You prospered them and fought for them.
When they sinned, You didn’t.
How can they not see it ?
Your word says: YOU CHANGE NOT – You are the same today as You were back then. »
It’s not that they can’t see it.
They don’t want to.
They like their sinful state of being and hope I will overlook it as ignorance on the Day of Judgment, BUT IT SHALL NOT BE SO, daughter (I heard a terrible sadness in His voice when He said that).
Warn them, daughter !
Tell My people their sins are grievous in My eyes and I do not look lightly on those who choose the pleasures of the flesh over Me and My ways.
I have provided in My word a way out of your sins, My people.
There is NOW NO EXCUSE except you want to continue sinning for why you are not free.
SEEK ME, for I shall be found by you and will give you the keys to your deliverance, IF ONLY you will seek My face and not the pleasures of the world instead.
This world shall pass away, but I will never pass away.
The treasures in My holy word will never pass away.
You can be free IF you will choose freedom, IF you will choose Me, for I shall make you free.
Seek Me for I shall be found of you if you will seek Me.
Come to Me as a little child, believing with all your heart, My children.
Do not believe the enemy’s words, that you can never be free, for did I not say in My holy word that he is a liar and the father of lies ?
Why then do you allow him to speak to you so ?
Why do you choose to believe him over Me ?
I desire for you to be free, little ones.
Free indeed.
Free and rejoicing in your father’s mighty power.
Free to share your testimony far and wide of all I have done in you.
I desire the enemy would have no part in you, that you WOULD NOT LISTEN TO HIS TAUNTS AND LIES, that you would instead look at My word for truth to replace them.

Come away from the fires of temptation, My children, for your enemy seeks to destroy you through the lusts of your flesh.

adrian quadros adrian_quadros@yahoo.co.in
Feb 7 (2 days ago)

to undisclosed recipients
“Praise The Lord God for He is Merciful”Holy Rosary and Holy Divine Mercy – Combined Holy MiraclesPhilemon 1:3 – “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ”1) Ganesh - healed of fever2) Joe Coleman, the Irish Visionary - healed of cancer3) A Hindu 19 year old Boy - who is working in a Catholic Religious area, was so touched by Lord Jesus when seeing some hindus coming and praying in Church, that he also started praying daily to Lord Jesus, since few months back. He says, they hindus have 100 gods, but Jesus is the Only ONE POWERFUL. Now he also proudly wears the Rosary as blessed and given to him by a Catholic Priest. He also says – JESUS IS REALLY GREAT4) Albin Rego and Ninette Quadros - enjoyed a wonderful Retreat experience with Lord Jesus5) Me - Thank You Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for everything that you blessed me with in the past, present and future. Also for all my intentions and petitions fulfilled
James 5: 13 - “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is any cheerful? Let him sing praise.
(15)……..and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord willl raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven
The Doctor is Lord Jesus Christ
His Pharmacy is The Holy Bible
His Medicine Prescriptions are Prayers
His One Touch Gives Light and sickness vanishes into thin airIf you still can’t find Doctor Lord Jesus Christ, please go to Mother Mary to show you the way to meet HimTRANSPORTATION IS FREEOn A Lighter Note :- If you even can’t find Mother Mary, then please email me at onceThank You Lord Jesus for everything and Big Thanks to Mother Mary for Praying for all of usGod Bless you all, as well as your respective family members, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc
Here are beautiful Reasons for Praying the Rosary Even More Often (… better late than never though…)

Father Gabriel Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican writes:

One day a colleague of mine heard the devil say during an exorcism, “Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end.”

The secret that makes this prayer so effective is that the Rosary is both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, to the Blessed Virgin, and to the Holy Trinity, and is a meditation centred on Christ.

In the case of the public Rosary there are only two people speaking: the Leader and the respondents. Each is speaking to the Blessed Mother and listening carefully to her response within their hearts as they meditate on the scene before them in their consideration of the mystery being spoken of and interpreted and translated into their lives.

Spread this powerful prayer of exorcism, the Rosary, which contains the Our Father, the Perfect Prayer, prayed five times in the recitation of each set of the Rosary’s Mysteries, backed up by the powerful prayers of Our Mother who prays with us as we pray 53 Hail Mary’s.

The Eternal Father described to a group of us, what happens when we pray the Rosary, saying, “When you pray Holy Mary Mo! ther of God, pray for us sinners now…, the Blessed Mother comes inst antly to your side to pray with you. And she does not come alone. She brings angels with her. And not just one or two for she is the Queen of Angels, so choirs of angels come with her. And she and Jesus are joined at the heart and cannot be separated so she brings Jesus with her. And Jesus cannot be separated from the Trinity so He brings the Father and the Holy Spirit with Him. And where the Holy Trinity is, all of creation is, and you are surrounded by such beauty and light as you cannot imagine in this life.

Your Mother comes as Our Lady of Grace with her hands outstretched. Rays of light emit from her hands piercing your body, healing you and filling you with graces. This is your inheritance which was poured out from the heart of Jesus on the Cross, when the centurion pierced His Heart with the spear, into the only pure vessel ready to receive such graces at that time, Your Mother.

Now as you pray the Rosary, or even just recite one Hail Mary, you receive your portion of these graces. He also said at this time, “Anyone who goes to Mary and prays the Rosary cannot be touched by Satan.

Is it any wonder that anyone who prays the Rosary from the heart is so blessed and protected and powerful in their prayers for others? 

The Earht is about to flip, This is Most Urgent.

Message form Mother 29th January 2012

My dear child peace be yours, it is of great urgency I come to you today, the earth is about to flip, major events will be witnessed on your planet earth, the likes of which have never been seen before, the whole earth will be shaken with a tremendous force it will be felt by everyone everywhere, yes the warning has started it is now time for the great cleansing of souls everywhere, my child it will frighten the lives out of every soul, it is ment to make people repent of their wrongdoings , I implore all of you to turn back to my son Jesus for mercy, the church must open all her doors and invite all people to recite my most powerful Holy Victorious Rosary This is Most Urgent, if the church do not listen and obey my messages, they all of them who know the truth will be severely punished by the Wrath of my Fathers hand and will be trow en into total damnation for ever, so my child you must spread my message all over the world, for prayer is the only defense against  the devil the deceiver, my children must stand up and demand that the church be opened to all for prayer,  the only way for my church to succeed is for my children to claim my church back for the people , please pray much for all of my children everywhere , Your country is at an advanced stage of legalizing abortion you must pray that this must never happen, you must pray for the holy Father Pope Benedict for he is been tormented by Satan , much prayer is needed now, the signs are already visible in the heavens , dont be blind open your eyes and your hearts , the war in the east has erupted and it will spread all over the world, Pray pray pray God the Father is most angry at events in your world especially in the church world wide, people must listen for if they dont the thief will come in the night and take away their soul and the soul of your children,I am with you always , I will protect you , I will come again. I am your Blessed  Mother of peace, thank you Mary Mother of Jesus The Christ…….,


Message recieved from our Blessed Lady on Thursday 23rd June 2011.at 12.04am Ballyfermot Dublin Ireland 2011 by Irish Visionary Joe Coleman.

                                                                                              THE MESSAGE
  • Greetings my dear child I come once more to you with peace and healing ,I surround you with my healing Angels,stay close to my son Jesus,as I your loving and caring Mother request you to take my children once more to my most holy and healing shrine at Knock on Monday 22nd August 2011 at 1pm ,this great day of prayer will fill many many hearts with love and with light ,for this great day will be remembered for ever,you have been chosen to lead my people back to God the Father ,my child this world will and must listen to my visionary ,peace peace I will bring to all my children at Knock and around the world,I will show signs supernatural events from the heavens on this glorious day of my Queenship of my Blessed name Mary ever Virgin ,wake up wake up open your hearts to peace and love and joy ,stay close to my beloved Son Jesus the Christ the king the savior ,my holy Victorious rosary shall try ump over all that is evil and not from the Father God the Son the Holy Spirit,Tell the World of my coming ,it is now time for every soul to become aware of my Sons return ,I request my Sons consecrated  disciples to heed my visionarys call for conversion everywhere ,I come to invite all of you in to my Immaculate heart ,my child I am sad at the way you have been treated ,you my sweet child are a humble soul and a foot soldier,we in heaven are proud of you,you see my child they the authority at Knockknow the truth and they can see your light beaming forth ,this frightens them ,they cant experience my love the way you do,this is why they must listen and open their hearts and receive me I will enver refuse my Immaculate heart to any of Gods creation ,I request my holy Victorious rosary be recited in the grounds of my beloved Knock ,my dear sweet child I will not allow my children to be rejected from this sacred ground ,I am with you always,ask my children to pray for the intersession of Saint John Paul for courage to carry you forth with your work,I request all my children to receive reconcilation and holy mass and the body the blood soul and divinity of my son Jesus the Christ before my calling on this glorious day of our lord Monday nd of August 2011 at 1pm ,try to stay in a state of grace at all times as this will greatly move you closer to my Immaculate heart ,rest now my child peace be yours,thank you for responding to my call    QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH    AVE MARIA   



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Message from Mother at Knock on the 25th September 2010.
Greetings my child be not afraid today is a great day of joy, It is so nice to see so many of my children here today in prayer, Your flock who gather around you are so full of love and peace and joy, great graces are been bestowed on all of my children through out the world especially here at Knock,  My child you have been turned away once more from my Fathers house of worship here at Knock, I have told you my Fathers house is open everywhere to everyone,  My child I have requested that you come here today to give glory to the Father and my beloved son your savior  Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, you have respected my wishes without any hesitation, you are strong now, stronger than before, you my child are one of my greatest weapons against Satan  the deceiver, because you promote my most Holy Rosary, you pray with so much strength and power and determination this makes the evil one cringe, tell my children to continue to recite my most Holy Rosary, my dear child the hour of judgement is upon the world, pray pray pray for conversion for reconciliation for peace in my Church, Satan the evil one the deceiver has taken control over Knock,he has taken his army and sent them to block my people my beloved people from their rights to worship my Father , this is why it is so important to keep praying every day for my Church, the evil one has control of many of the people who run this most Holy shrine, this will change quite soon for the evil ones ways are not of Gods ways, when you walk in the light of God you become pure of heart and soul and spirit and you walk in love and union with God the almighty Father in glory, remember God is the only salvation and the truth and the way he is life eternal, my beloved son came back to redeem the world from sin, the hour for the second coming is but a blink of an eye away, my people must continue to pray as I have said many many times before, the power of my most Holy Rosary will triumph above the evil ones wicked ways, he the evil one will not win in his battle for souls, for every soul that is born of God will return to eternal life for it is written,Jesus your savior has requested that you love your neighbor as thy self , show kindness to your brothers and sisters and to your enemy’s, this way is Gods way, my beloved son Jesus walks before you and behind and in front and above everyone of Gods children, please call on your savor to guide you and to rebuild your faith, this place is now sacred ready for worship it has been blessed today, my people have felt my presents here today, they have been blessed and healed today as I have promised, the Holy spirit works his power through you, my child you have felt this here today , now my solder you walk in victory with my beloved son Jesus you walk in union with the Father you carry the white flag of victory for all of my Fathers children, peace be yours,what you have asked for has been given you , put on your armor and the greatest battle of all to supreme victory, please do not worry your Angels guard you and your family, my child I would like if you would organize more prayer groups trough out Ireland, I will explain to you soon how this will happen, you my son will organize the biggest army of prayer that this world has ever witnessed and will ever witness, it shall be called Holy Victorious Rosary. I your beloved and Blessed Mother will personally guide you and my son will guide my people to eternal victory to God the Father the Son the Holy Spirit, and from this battle peace shall reign for ever and ever, the earth shall become one with heaven and paradise shall be known once more, obey my Fathers commandments and so be it amen, rest now my child you have done well when the time is right I will inform you of my calling. bless you in Fathers name God the Son and the Holy Spirit go now in peace and joy and love . Your Heavenly Mother Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth.