message 10/3/2010

Message form Our Blessed Lady at Knock 10th March 2010 Wednesday,

Blessings my sweet child today I surround you and give you many graces,I take away the hurt you carry in your heart , you are stronger now my loved one, stronger than before, you are surrounded with Gods love and protection, all of your Angels are with you today, Not because you desired them to be but because they desired to be with you today to ease your burden, It  is my Fathers will that you be strong for your work, For you my sweet child the heavens have opened, You will feel much stronger now, ,Peace be with you, You notice today I have tears in my eyes, I am sad for my priests here at Knock,You must tell my children to continue to pray for them , Pray with all your heart, Today my most Holy Rosary was interrupted. The work of the deceiver, This was a test for my people, Tell them they must not let this distract them from praying my most Holy and powerful Rosary as the power of prayer makes the evil one cringe, My child time time has come now for conversion, Changes have begun especially here at Knock, I have told you many times the foundations have been rocked ,They will continue to be rocked world wide, My Son Jesus the Christ hurts so much when his beloved consecrated disciples disobey his Fathers commandments,  My sweet child my messages must go out to my people world wide for this is most urgent, My people must gather in multitudes at the Holy Shrine at Knock on Tuesday 11th May 2011, My Holy Rosary must be recited at 2pm in all Churches throughout Ireland, I request that Holy mass be said at 3pm sharp, I request my children receive reconciliation before mass, and every one receive the body blood soul and divinity of my beloved Son Jesus the Christ, IT IS MOST URGENT THAT MY MESSAGE BE HEEDED , The deceiver must not be allowed to take control of my Church,Pray Pray Pray every day for non believers ,Pray for lost souls in purgatory especially pray for my Bishops Priests prayer groups lay people all over Ireland, My child Ireland needs needs prayer now at this time of great change, It is of great urgency that my message be heeded, You my dear child of God have been given permission to spread my messages,Do not worry my child for your work is very much in Gods hand. Thank you for responding today. Go now in peace and love, I am your Blessed Mother of Jesus the Christ, Mother of love and compassion, Mary Queen of Heaven.

The Joyful Mysteries, The Sorrowful Mysteries, The Glories Mysteries, The Luminous Mysteries, Jesus said that souls who eat my flesh posses God.   At 3-15pm Our Ladys Rosary was  interrupted by Father Daly in the Apparition Chapel under instruction of the manager Mr Pat Lavelle.

Our Lady appeared to me at about 3-40pm She wore a blue cloak with white under garment , She had red roses around her feet, She carried an infant baby in her arms, She cried tears as she spoke with me she looked sad.