Message 8/1/2012

Very Important Message For The World Please Copy and forward it all over the World Joe Cloeman Irish Visionary For our Blessed Mother,

Message From Mother on Sunday Morning  8th January 2012

MY child there are thousands of Gods Angels on the earth at this time, those who are open to the truth will witness them and be enlightened and will become more aware of the word of God and spread the word of God everywhere on your planet, Many of the priests and bishops  will reject these as nonsense and they will turn their back once more on God, Every home and dwelling house will be visited by these healing Angels of God, please ask my children to return to my son Jesus especially at holy Mass and to receive the sacraments, This year 2012 is the time of enlightenment and of great change on your planet, changes everywhere especially among the young children, for they the young children will carry forth the Light and spread it around their family’s and friends and the non believers will listen with open mouths and hearts, this is part of the plan of the Creator God the father, pray more for lost souls and for those who dont listen to the word of God, this will greatly help them convert and save them from the fires of hell, Ask my children to call on their guardian Angels to be with them at all times of troubles, pray for pope Benedict as he is under massive torment from the evil one, The holy see is contaminated with lies and deceitfulness, it has to be cleansed  and this will happen very soon, pray for the holy see and all who administer in Gods name so as it can be saved, Remember prayer is the weapon against the dark forces , My Fathers plan is for peace everywhere and this will manifest at great speed across the globe, It is written in my Fathers book that Truth Shall Triumph over evil, My children worry and get scared that the world is about to end, This is not so ,  After the great cleansing Most of the population will be saved and Paradise will spring forth and Peace will Reign for one thousand years, Peace without the interference of the diabolical one and his army, as they will be banished to hell and My Children shall live in Peace once more, and everyone who survives the great cleansing shall know the Father the Creator of all that is and has been and Shall be for ever and ever, My Child Thank You for been strong your work is of great importance as is all my children s work, All will see my Beloved son face to face and will live in total harmony, Please Tell my children not to fear and to keep their faith and trust in God and my son Jesus, The battle has begun in the skys and on the earth and my children will become foot solders and their children shall follow and their children and the evil shall be no more and the earth shall be free and become pure once more , go now my child and prepare your army with holy Victorious Rosary, peace be with you , Mother of Compassion and Love Ave Maria…………