message 22/8/2011

Message Received

Joe Coleman The Irish Visionary for Our Blessed Lady.

Monday 22nd August 2011at Knock county Mayo Ireland, time 1.00PM to 2.00PM

Before the message came:-(4.15 PM)

Just after reciting the Holy Victorious Rosary, I was sitting facing the new statue of Our Blessed Lady. The statue was on a bench, just across the road from Knock Shrine. I had been refused entry to Knock at 3 of the gates by the security staff. All entry points into Knock were maned by security staff. So i decided to pray the Rosary at the small square, just across the road. The new statue of OurĀ  Blessed Lady was donated, and brought to Knock by 2 men who are followers of Our Blessed Lady to have it blessed. Having been refused entry into Knock we decided to place the statue on a bench and say the Holy Victorious Rosary. The statue is about 3 foot in height and it is pure white, it is beautiful. While looking at the statue I noticed a white haze forming around Mother’s head. Mother called me to come closer to her, and as I knelt down in front of her and what happened and what I saw was a miracle, taking place right in front of my eyes.


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