Joe is looking for help

Looking For A PC To Do The Work For Mother And Spread Conversion. 3rd June 2012.

Hi to every one out there ,I was given this pc last year and I am very greatful for it ,as it has helped me greatly with the work for our Blessed Mother with the messages as I can share them with the public,I have over 50,000 messages so far , this is good as it means people are reading the news on the web site, this is great for conversion and for God and his Blessed Mother, but it is a very old pc and it is starting to slow down and sometimes it dose not work for days, it needs a lot of rest , I think it is ready for the grave yard, is there anyone out there who would donate a pc for this very important work, or maybe you might know someone who might help, I would be very rgeatful for your help, my email is  .I thank you for your support in the past, and I send you Mothers Blessings, peace be with you …Joe Coleman….

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Message to all who read and send me wonderful messages,

Hi to everyone out there just wanted to explain to you that I am only relatively new at trying to get my head around this web site ,I am entirely writing it on my own.and I am a bit slow as I am only learning,so I ask you to give me some extra time to do this very important work for our Blessed Mother, I have got 1045 comments so far and I have answered 1045 some of them are very rude and I just bin them. but that is expected I suppose on all web sites , it is very time consuming for me at the moment , dont get me wrong I am not complaining at least  1045 people have looked and read my site and that is good, I try to answer every one on a personal I feel it is right to do that,IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO MAY BE ABLE TO HELP ME OUT i WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL .I would like to know how to answer these messages more quickly for the benefit of those good people who take the time to write to me I thank you for your time in reading this message and of course writing to me ,I would like to take this opportunity  to send all of you out there Mothers Blessings and Gods love thank you so much Joe…..