Our Blessed Mothers Birthday


Today is Our Blessed Mothers Birthday 8th of September a very special day ,Why not recite Holy Victorious Rosary for all the lost souls and non believers out there,For all who have no one to pray for them,For all the people and priests and bishops in our church, For Pope Benedict ,For all prayer groups, lay people,For peace in our world, For all our brothers and sisters in Jesus everywhere,For all our young people all over the world, And especially for Our Blessed Mother on her very special day, Try to go to Holy Mass and receive the body and blood soul and divinity of our Savior Jesus and try to go to confession , Lets make Our Lady’s Day a v

ery very very special Birthday,  Happy Birthday Holy Mother Amen……








Our Blessed Mothers Birthday Sunday the 8th of September 3013.

Our Blessed Mothers Birthday is celebrated on the 8th of September ,So it is a very special day for everyone to come together and honor our beloved Mother with prayer and thanksgiving, Our Blessed Mother loves all of us unconditionally and she watches over us every day of our lives , she minds our children our brothers and sisters our mothers and fathers our friends and our enemy’s  our neighbors , She is the most loving of Mothers anyone can wish for and Mother s love is so pure always for her children all over the world ,So on Sunday the 8th of September why not  take a few moments to say thank you Holy Mother for all you have done for me and my family and my friends, Try to go to Holy mass and receive the body and blood soul and divinity of her son our savior our lord Jesus Christ, this will make our Blessed Mother very happy indeed ,If you cant go to Holy mass try saying a rosary or even a prayer in thanksgiving for all that our Blessed Mother has done for us and our family’s, A very powerful prayer is the hail Mary and it is a  very simple  prayer for our Blessed Mothers Birthday, Pray for peace and conversion in our world and in our church, pray for all our young people that they may be guided towards God, pray for those who have no one to pray for them, pray for all people who are in prison, for those who are lonely, In general pray for peace on our earth ,Peace be yours and Mothers Blessings to all Amen , joe coleman, Holy Victorious Rosary Prayer Group,,